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The National Science Foundation has funded the Museum of Man for two different Beyond-the-Basics Resource Kits that may be checked out by teachers. These kits will make it possible for a teacher to build on subjects introduced in the Footsteps Through Time exhibit. The kits can also be used independently of the exhibit. Both kits are based on a study of physical anthropology, but include cultural anthropology activities as well. Activities are coded to California State Standards for Science, Social Sciences, Language Arts, and Visual Arts. The target age for these kits is 6th-7th grades, but can be adapted for other ages and skill levels.

Fossil Detective Kit
Physical Anthropology is the theme of this inquiry-based kit. The kit includes reproduction skulls, tools, and artifacts to be used in an original scenario that challenges students to role-play while they solve an archaeological mystery. Activities range from observation and investigation to more complex problem-solving. Fossilization, natural selection, and the ethics of archaeology are explored.

Primate Buffet Kit Click for larger image
This inquiry-based resource kit includes reproduction skulls of primates including a tarsier, gorilla, Neandertal, and Homo sapiens, as well as a variety of replicated food. Students analyze jaws and dentition patterns to determine diet and role of environmental adaptation in evolution. Activities lead into issues of present day nutrition, world food supplies, and biotechnology.

How to reserve a kit
The Primate Buffet and Fossil Detective kits are available for a three-week checkout. They must be picked up and returned to the Education Department at 1350 El Prado, San Diego. There is a refundable deposit of $100 per kit, and a usage fee of $50 for the 3-week checkout. Call (619) 239-2001 to reserve a kit.

Basic Resources Kits Free for Teachers
Footsteps Through Time Basic Resource Kits were sent free of charge to 6th and 7th grade public school teachers of science in San Diego County through a provision of the National Science Foundation Grant. The kits contain a binder of new activities, a video about teaching evolution, a timeline, a reproduction fossil mandible of "Lucy," and a reference book. The grant also provides a limited number of the Basic kits to be distributed nationwide. Please see the Resources section of this web site for further information.

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