The San Diego Museum of Man opened a major exhibit on human biological evolution in February 2002! Footsteps Through Time: Four Million Years of Human Evolution, a 7,000-square-foot permanent exhibit, contains five galleries loaded with hands-on, interactive, and thought-provokingNational Science Foundation elements. Funded by the National Science Foundation and several generous foundations and individuals, the exhibit helps visitors learn about anthropology, archaeology, primates, continental drift, genetics, biotechnology, the important scientific discoveries of early hominids, the development of culture, and more!

This Website, operated by the Museum of Man's Education Department, is devoted to offering students and teachers new and exciting resources to learn about human evolution:

· How are humans different from other primates? What is a primate?

· What makes us different from "Lucy," an australopithecine, or "Nariokotome Boy"?

· Are we evolving today? How?

· How do scientists learn about human evolution?

· What was life like for a Neandertal family 30,000 years ago?

· Stay tuned for the "answers" to these questions, but be prepared to learn that every answer poses new questions. There are always new discoveries that keep the field of anthropology new and exciting.San Diego Museum of ManYou'll find it all here.

This Website will also keep you up to date with announcements of lectures, Family Days, and special events related to the exhibit. Visit us again soon.

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